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8074442195 or +18074442195

John commented 2020-03-28
The owner is a scammer. Be careful. Pretend to be from Government of Canada offering Emergency subventions


4032087228 or +14032087228

S. Thomas commented 2020-03-28
Rang for a short time before hanging up, didn't leave a message


7841281430 or +17841281430

Shubho Karmakar commented 2020-03-28
I am from Bangladesh. From the number +17841281430 I've got a missed call and I don't know who and why called me. As the number is unknown to me I didn't call back. I didn't want to take risk calling unknown number. But I really want to know who is behind the number. Thank You.


8443075543 or +18443075543

Raston * commented 2020-03-28
Why call and be silent?


8552386847 or +18552386847

Mirac * commented 2020-03-28
they called me from this number and said that I won the prize car. But you have to pay a fee. Do not believe this is a hoax.


8553763480 or +18553763480

remant * commented 2020-03-28
I received a message on the answering machine that I owed money to the bank. I think these are scammers.


8553783865 or +18553783865

Peggy * commented 2020-03-28
They call in the evening and are silent.


8663782732 or +18663782732

Uran * commented 2020-03-28
I need information on this phone number.


8687434888 or +18687434888

Ronaldo Forde commented 2020-03-28
A man called me with threats from this phone number


9054560027 or +19054560027

Ronald * commented 2020-03-27
Don't answer, these are soulless debt collectors


8005040716 or +18005040716

Cristian * commented 2020-03-27
Who gave you the right to bother me with your calls?


8005079283 or +18005079283

Dan * commented 2020-03-27
I don’t know who it is, they called and were silent, then they hung up


8442223999 or +18442223999

Paul * commented 2020-03-27
Spam call from Bell offering additional services


8443206431 or +18443206431

Satan Claus * commented 2020-03-27
There are 408 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Scotia Scam".


6473491300 or +16473491300

g commented 2020-03-27
Nuisance Chinese & English message about a postal international package being held.


8762196844 or +18762196844

Alias commented 2020-03-27
I have received this message from this number phone: „Hello. Can I trust you with $27.5m? Please send your reply to”. Be careful!


3455079845 or +13455079845

Ajit commented 2020-03-27
Who is having this number


7809909500 or +17809909500

Helen commented 2020-03-27
Does anyone have information on the following phone number as I missed a call at around 8:30 pm from the +1-780-990-9500. Am wondering why there is the +1 in front of a 780 area code which signifies Edmonton Alberta.


2897481687 or +12897481687

Just a heads up, commented 2020-03-26
Calls constantly. Asks for money that I don't owe, saying that I must pay "urgently." I started ignoring it. They still call, yet never leave a message. Very annoying.


8665740222 or +18665740222

Martin * commented 2020-03-26
Some users have signed this phone number as "Caa".